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In-Depth Pilot Training and Flight Preparation Course

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of aviation. Professional Pilot Training & Associates offers a full-scope flight preparation course at our base in Eagle Lake, Texas.

Buckle Up

We provide everything you could ask for in the world of aviation. This includes a full range of professional grade and customizable pilot training services, such as:

• Sport Pilot
• Private Pilot
• Instrument Rating
• Commercial Pilot
• Pilot Instructor
• Helicopter Training
• Multi-Engine

Commercial and Sales

There's no finer satisfaction than finally taking your own plane out for its maiden voyage. Professional Pilot Training & Associates offers aircraft sales from sport aircraft to jets. For commercial organizations, we offer sales services, training for your pilots, and our invaluable management and consultation services.

Pilot - Pilot Training

Simulator Training
Professional Pilot Training is currently using a  Elite simulator. The simulator is a valuable tool for teaching instrument pilots as well as primary and advanced students. Many flight situations can be replicated on a basic sim that are not practical in a aircraft; such as icing, severe turbulence, 0-0 conditions, un-predictable multi-engine failures, as well as all types of instrument failures. This sim also qualifies for the instrument experience for pilots under part 61. Rates are $35.00 per hour, or a negotiable block rate for a year of unlimited use.

Logging Time
Private Pilot Training  - 2.5 Maximum 61.109(i)(1)/ Instrument Pilot Training - 10 Hours/ Instrument Experience 61.57(c)(1) (For Currency)

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